Monday, February 7, 2011

Eclipse Helios and JBoss Tools from Eclipse Marketplace missing jBPM designer tooling

I mostly use the JBoss Developer Studio which integrates all my JBoss Tooling in a painless Eclipse experience, so it has been some time since I looked at a vanilla Eclipse version.

Since I have heard a lot about Eclipse Marketplace I thought I would install Eclipse Helios and try to work on my jBPM Migration project as a test. After the installation I went to the Eclipse Marketplace:

Help -> Eclipse Marketplace...

I installed Git, Subversive and JBossTools, but when I imported my project and tried to view a jBPM process I suddenly only have an XML viewer and not the usual jBPM Graphical Process Designer.

It appears that the feature is missing from the tooling there.

To fix this we need the jBPM3 features, that can be found by installing new Eclipse software as follows:

Help -> Install New Software... -> (in pulldown menu select jbosstools updates development site) -> (in window appears) All JBoss Tools 3.2.0 -> open this and select jBPM3 Tools Runtime

Once this finishes and restarts Eclipse you will be ready to go!