Eric D. Schabell: JBoss jBPM 5.0 released - time to start taking your first steps

Monday, February 7, 2011

JBoss jBPM 5.0 released - time to start taking your first steps

BPMN2 Designer
The project was released officially today, JBoss jBPM5 is here! It has been a work of migrating jBPM3 + jBPM4 + DroolsFlow functionality into one mainstream BPM project at

Installing GWT Console
Let's take a look at the installation process and see what we are getting here from the new release. I just downloaded the from the jBPM project Download section. These are pre-built components that provide the setup you need to get going, just unzip and make use of the provided Ant script. What is that all about you ask? Well, taking a closer look (just showing some of the interesting ones listed, try it yourself for the complete list of choices):

$ ant -p
Buildfile: build.xml

Main targets:

Other targets:

# As I don't want to download and/or install another eclipse, I will avoid the install.demo.
# The nice part is that this is all installed relative to your jbpm path by default, giving
# you a self contained playground. See the build.xml for exact details.
$ ant install.jboss

$ ant install.jbpm.into.jboss

Guvnor repo

At this point I jumped over to my eclipse to setup the jBoss server and started it there. Just follow the provided documentation that I downloaded and unzipped. In jbpm-docs/* you will find all you need for the demo setup.

Process repo!
I just wanted to pull in a conversion tool project I have handy and see what the new jBPM5 can do. I have provided a few screen shots of my walk around the tooling.

There is a shot of the Guvnor repository where you can store your processes as project artefacts, the jBPM Eclipse Designer tooling with a BPMN2 process and a quick look at the new GWT admin console including its installation script.

There is so much more that I don't have the room here to show you, so grab the installer, docs and get going! Now it is time for you to take jBPM5 out for a spin!

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