Tuesday, January 10, 2012

jBPM5 - add native Eclipse BPMN2 Visual Editor to Eclipse or JBoss Developer Studio

Eclipse Native BPMN2 Editor
Interested in using the Eclipse native BPMN2 editor when designing your jBPM processes? Here is how you can pull in the project that is now hosted within the Eclipse Foundation.
Figure 1: Name the update site.

First you need to add the update site at Help -> Install New Software -> Add as shown in Figure 1. Then you give it a name as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2: Watch install.
This will pull up the BPMN2 Editor check box that you can select to install the editor. Just select this box and select Next + Next + Accept agreement + Finish.

Figure 3: Open with Visual Editor
Watch the software install, see Figure 2 and a restart will give you the option to use the Eclipse Native BPMN2 editor. Select a process.bpmn2 file, right mouse click, select Open With and you should see the menu entry BPMN2 Visual Editor.

A note about the processes to be displayed. If you do not have any location information in the file, such as a default generated jBPM Migration Tool conversion output file, then it will not display in this editor. The jBPM Migration Tool relies on the BPMN2 Process Editor and its Arrange buttons to generate this information.

Enjoy! ;-)