Eric D. Schabell: Luxembourg Java User Group (YaJUG) - OpenShift and jBPM session recap

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Luxembourg Java User Group (YaJUG) - OpenShift and jBPM session recap

Room filling up, ~50 attendees!
Last night I was on site for an evening with the YaJUG, hosted in the Tudor building which was a very nice venue in downtown Luxembourg.

There were around 50 participants and the interaction was rather lively, I think I got something like ~20 questions around just the OpenShift session! The questions ranged from the obvious to the more cunning where participants not only want to be able to tinker with apache configurations but also auto scale their Express instances or even try to cluster the 5 free instances we offer them. I love that kind of ingenuity!

His first app on OpenShift
by end of the
I wanted to emphasize the ease with which anyone can get their applications running in the OpenShift Express cloud instances. I challenged the group from the start by asking anyone with a laptop to get it open and try to deploy their first application into the OpenShift cloud by the end of the evening. As you can see in the picture, Weber Phillipp (I think it was actually his little brother if I am not mistaken...) came up to me at the end to show his results, well done!

 Later I followed up with a look at OpenShift Flex where most of the more Enterprise type of questions were answered. Check out twitter tag #yajug for their comments, but be aware, some of the feedback is in French.

 The second session was an overview of the status of jBPM 5 and included a rather in depth discussion of the upcoming BRMS 5.3 as there was some real interest in the JBoss product that are supported. There were several jBPM 3.2 users in the crowd, so spend some time demo'ing not only jBPM5 but the web designer and jBPM Migration Project tooling that has been integrated there.

The sessions were recorded so the YaJUG members will be provided a link to them soon via their site and a photographer was also enthusiastically taking lots of pictures! We planned to record my session desktop for the demo's, but the recording failed to start.

UPDATE: The session had a photographer that was busy snapping away:

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