Thursday, October 25, 2012

JBoss EDS Platform - are you trying to connect to SAP?

Red Hat and SAP partnership is evolving and both are focused on bringing to market world-class open source and enterprise business solutions. Engineers from both companies are working together with a focus on developing new tools to further the integration of SAP Business Suite with enterprise Java applications running on JBoss Enterprise Middleware.

The aim of such integration, of course, is a more intelligent, integrated enterprise — one that can maximize the value of your data assets and accelerate business decisions.The intent is to provide capabilities that make it easier to consume SAP application data and business processes from the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform,JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform, or JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

Solving interoperability problems is a complex task, and generally no single solution meets the need of every development project. For this reason, Red Hat plans multiple interoperability options to address different JBoss and SAP integration requirements — lightweight and data-centric Java applications that need to consume SAP data, SOAP Web services integration to support SOA solutions, and deep application integration that requires an API-based approach.

Follow along as Ted Jones demos how to access SAP data using SAP Netweaver Gateway.

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  1. Thanks for the nice post. It’s good to see the direction of EDS and the SAP integration.

    Maybe you’ve heard of Hibersap and Cuckoo.

    Cuckoo is an open source Resource Adapter for SAP that is compatible to the Java Connector Architecture (JCA) version 1.5.
    It enables developers of Java EE applications to call functions in a SAP backend, making use of Java EE features like Container Managed Transactions and Security.

    Hibersap helps developers of Java applications to call business logic in SAP backends. It defines a set of Java annotations to map SAP function modules to Java classes as well as a small, clean API to execute these function modules and handle transaction and security aspects.

    Hibersap’s programming model is quite similar to those of modern O/R mappers, significantly speeding up the development of SAP interfaces and making it much more fun to write the integration code.

    Regards, Heinz

    Further information about Hibersap and Cuckoo: