Monday, November 12, 2012

ApacheCon NA 2013 - Advanced Apache in the Cloud with OpenShift

I have submitted a talk to the upcoming ApacheCon NA 2013, located in Portland, Oregon. It runs from Feb 26 - 28, 2013 but also includes events and workshops leading up to the actual conference dates.

Since the introduction of OpenShift, the Red Hat PaaS, it has been a great environment to develop your Java projects. Not only web applications but also core Apache projects can leverage the Cloud. I wanted to include an  overview of some of the Apache projects that can be run on OpenShift.

Advanced Apache in the Cloud with OpenShift

Join us for an action-packed hour of power! Bring your laptop & follow along as we help you get started with various Apache projects in the Cloud. Why would you need local resources when you can leverage the Red Hat PaaS known as OpenShift?

Real world Apache projects put on display with code you can access live during this session. Want to learn about how OpenShift changes everything you thought you knew about Apache development in the cloud? This session is for you!

Hope to see you there!