Eric D. Schabell: OSC 2012 Amsterdam - Demystifying the path to a JBoss Intelligent, Integrated Enterprise

Friday, November 9, 2012

OSC 2012 Amsterdam - Demystifying the path to a JBoss Intelligent, Integrated Enterprise

On December 14, I will be speaking at the Open Source Conference 2012 in Amsterdam.

This has grown into one of the premier events in EMEA for enthusiasts, customers and partners of Red Hat to gather and discuss topics such as JBoss enterprise middleware, enterprise open source, big data, cloud computing social media and mobile technologies.

It is being hosted at the Beurs van Berlage (Amsterdam Stock Market) and you can register at the OSC 2012 site. My session will be on the Intelligent Integrated Enterprise:

Demystifying the path to a JBoss Intelligent, Integrated Enterprise

Enterprises are dealing with exploding levels of business events and associated data. So how do you stay competitive and meet customer expectations in the midst of this growth? By connecting your IT infrastructure to respond to changing market conditions in real time. Without increasing agility and automation, you risk alienating customers and losing business due to poor service.

An integrated, flexible, adaptable IT infrastructure

The intelligent, integrated enterprise relies on:
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and data services to connect siloed information.
  • A business rules management system (BRMS) to automate processes, control decision-making, and eliminate manual touch points. 
  • Advanced messaging to extend its reach to mobile and field devices.
  • Leveraging cloud infrastructure to adapt to changing resource needs.
The result? Less risk, better leverage of existing data assets, and happier customers.  This session will show you how you can achieve this vision with JBoss Enterprise Middleware integration products. You will learn what an intelligent, integrated enterprise is, how to build yours, understand the value derived and be given a tour of example real life scenarios that implement an an intelligent, integrated enterprise.

See you there?

UPDATE: This day was a huge success with over 1000 participants. Session went great, lots of discussion afterwards and interest in JBoss BRMS / BPM products. Slides here for your viewing pleasure.