Eric D. Schabell: 2 Essential Things to See From BPM Starters Kit Webinar

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2 Essential Things to See From BPM Starters Kit Webinar

Today was the webinar I previously posted about here on how to get yourself started by hitting the ground running with a JBoss BPM Suite (and JBoss BRMS) starters kit.

I covered the various aspects as outlined in the announcement and you can register there online to see a recording of the session once it is posted, in case you were unable to attend.

The two essential things to see from this webinar?

  1. slides from session (below)
  2. recording of session (follow link to register and view recording)

Hit the ground running with BPM — a starters kit

Looking to design business processes but not sure how to get started? If this is the first you’ve heard of Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite, or you’re anxious to get started with your freshly downloaded JBoss BPM Suite, this webinar’s for you.

Have no fear, the JBoss BPM Suite starter kit will:
  • Provide you with the details, help, and path to rules, events, and process freedom.
  • Show you a quick and easy entry into the world of process design.
  • Walk you through the contents, and what you can achieve, with the JBoss BPM Suite.
  • Start you off with an easy installation.
  • Use a pre-installed project and workshop to take you step-by-step through constructing the project from scratch.
Join us for a grand tour of the JBoss BPM Suite starter kit, and learn how you can hit the ground running as the BPM expert you always wanted to be.

Slides available online for your viewing pleasure:

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