Eric D. Schabell: The Ultimate Starter Kit For JBoss BPM Suite

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Ultimate Starter Kit For JBoss BPM Suite

There is nothing quite like getting your game on with a new BPM technology or product.

The same is true of Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite in that you have enough resources at your disposal to kick-start your journey, but where to start?

There is a vast amount of information online but we want to start our journey with the basics to get us going.

Something more in the way of a practical 'hands on' start to BPM with JBoss BPM Suite.


This announcement is bringing just that, an ultimate JBoss BPM Suite Starter Kit, that is an outline to provide you with the ability to hit the ground running.

You get a straight forward, easy to consume and ready to go set of resources that will have you producing BPM artifacts with JBoss BPM Suite in a matter of hours.

The starter kit

We have put together the following for you in the JBoss BPM Suite Starter Kit:
  • outline of who the starter kits are for
  • getting started with the kit
    • simple workshop online
    • demo project online
  • provide a workshop in the OpenShift Cloud to take away
  • walk through what you will learn in this workshop
  • send you on your way with resources
    • in depth article archive
    • best practices 
    • tips & tricks series
    • how to video archive
 What are you waiting for?

There is no time like the present to get your very own BPM education going with the hands on approach provided by the JBoss BPM Suite Starter Kit!

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