Eric D. Schabell: JBoss BPM Suite workshop series in UK a grand success

Monday, August 11, 2014

JBoss BPM Suite workshop series in UK a grand success

London JBug members
enjoying some summer
coding fun!
Last week I broke up my summer break with a week in the UK, stopping to chat with customers, partners, provide a few workshops, enjoyed an entertaining evening with the London JBug, and trained up the entire UKI field teams.

It was all about JBoss BRMS & JBoss BPM Suite with a bit of OpenShift sprinkled in as we showcased bpmPaaS where needed.

Working on OpenShift
bpmPaaS instance!
The first workshop showcases how to build a JBoss BRMS project that leverages rules, a domain specific language (DSL), decision table, and ruleflow.

The second part of the workshop expands your knowledge by teaching you how to design and create a working process with task forms and a data model.

You will create a working HR employee reward process in no time at all.

This has all been put together for you online and was run this week several times to enthusiastic customers, the London JBug members, and the internal field teams from the UKI.

Concentration on the
faces of attendees.
The various groups that attended this workshop did not all have access to laptops that allowed installation and configuration of the JBoss products used in this workshop, so we just provided
bpmPaaS instances on OpenShift.

Everyone was happy, coding away, and learning how darn easy it is to add rules, events and processes to your projects.

Part of the trip involved a ride down into the south of England, where the country was pretty, the sun
was shining, the people were both easy going and proved to be adept at working on rules, events and processes during their workshop.

Feedback on the workshop was fantastic and now you too can enjoy it as we have pushed it into the Cloud on OpenShift, just follow along.

We leave you with a classic image from London and hope to see you at the next workshop!

Summer workshops end with an English
 pie on the Thames!