Eric D. Schabell: 3 Things You Learn at a JBoss BPM Masterclass

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3 Things You Learn at a JBoss BPM Masterclass

Masterclass in action.
Last week there was a two day JBoss BPM Masterclass in the Nordic country of Sweden for a select group of partners.

This was a chance to spend two days covering the entire spectrum of rules, events, planning and processes.

Not only did we have the introduction of the materials, but as much time as possible was set aside for hands on working with the products to build an online web shopping experience and a replication of the Red Hat employee rewards process.

Lets see what the 3 things were that you learn by attending a JBoss BPM Masterclass:

  1. Complete introduction - we kicked off with the promise of attendees being able to hold a discussion and explaining what rules, events and processes were to anyone they might run into inside of 10 minutes. We then delivered on this promise
  2. Starter kits - the course also introduced the JBoss BRMS and JBoss BPM Suite starter kits to the attendees as a starting point for anyone looking to kick off into the world of rules, events and processes.
  3. Ruling the world!
  4. Getting hands-on in the Cloud - finally we spent time looking at how the attendees could make use of xPaaS, OpenShift and bpmPaaS to leverage rules, events and processes in the Cloud.
All of this was done by following the online workshop (see below), which you too can now participate in by following the link.

Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Masterclass

We invite you to spend two days with Red Hat expert and learn about JBoss BPM Suite. 

This two-day master class will prime you with the knowledge you need to understand the capabilities, components and basic concepts involved as you start leveraging process and rule-driven solutions. 

(click slide to view masterclass)
We will focus on business process management (BPM) concepts, explain how to capture your enterprise's logic in business rules (BRMS & BPMS), and cover what complex events can bring to your customer experiences. All attendees will be left with an understanding of how rules and events are handled in a project , where to position business logic and understand the value BPM can bring to their organization.

Keep your eyes open for the next stop on the JBoss BPM workshop tour in a town or country near you.

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