Eric D. Schabell: Red Hat JBoss Webinar - Business resource planning for Java developers

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Red Hat JBoss Webinar - Business resource planning for Java developers

Getting more and more interested in developing smart planning solutions for your Java solutions?

We have a great webinar in the planning for you on March 18th, hosted by Red Hat and your speaker is none other than Geoffrey de Smet, founder and lead of OptaPlanner, an open source Java planning engine.

You will need to register for this webinar, which will get you an invite email with connection details.

You don't want to miss this as it is the perfect background for getting starting with the Business Resource Planner online workshop.

Business resource planning for Java developers

The world is full of planning problems: scheduling employees to shifts, delivery routes to vehicles, course exams to classroom time slots, and manufacturing tasks to machines, just to name a few. Solving these problems optimally is often key to a businesses’ success. The technology and knowledge needed to do so has been out of reach to all but the largest enterprises. Until now.

Register to learn about an innovative new technology soon to be released with version 6.1 of Red Hat JBoss BRMS, the business resource planner. Java developers can build powerful “solvers” without deep knowledge of optimization techniques.

In this session we'll cover the basics of solver construction with planner including:

  • Planning concepts.
  • Example problems.
  • Optimization algorithms.
  • Specifying constraints and scoring functions.

Through a series of live demos and problem scenarios you will learn how to tackle your own optimization problems with ease.

See you there?

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