Eric D. Schabell: JBUG Scotland - JBoss BPM workshop rocked Edinburgh and Glasgow

Monday, March 9, 2015

JBUG Scotland - JBoss BPM workshop rocked Edinburgh and Glasgow

Last week I spent the better part of my time with some fantastic people that run a JBoss User Group (JBug) in Scotland.

Up to now they have been pushing it pretty hard in Edinburgh, Scotland and with some success as I found out when I showed up with my JBoss BPM workshop.

We had a room full of attendees, a lot of beer and pizza and some great technical hands-on content around JBoss rules, events and processes.

What more could you want?

They got more than their moneys worth as we introduced the concepts, loaded up their machines with JBoss BRMS & JBoss BPM Suite and started building the Cool Store / Rewards projects from scratch.

Most of the event was filmed so expect them to post this soon and will link it back in here when they do.

Edinburgh JBug was packed.
The workshop they followed is available online, so feel free to enjoy the same hands-on experience they did.

After this fine evening I jumped a train to the next major town, Glasgow.

Here we launched the inaugural Glasgow based JBug which was a pretty good event with another full room, showing that they are more than ready to have their very own JBug in Glasgow.

We covered the following in both locations.

Rule the World - Practical Rules & BPM Development

Glasgow JBug on BPM
With this workshop you get a chance to do just that, unlock the power of business rules engines and business processing for your development projects. We will take you through it all step-by-step, building rules, domain specific languages, using the wizards and editors that the JBoss BRMS & BPM Suite provide to create your own rules or process project. You have a choice in this workshop between an online web shop project or an HR employee rewards process project.

Bring your laptop as this is a hands on experience that takes you from nothing to a fully working rules or process experience with JBoss open source software. No experience in rules or processes is required, you will be guided by the experienced speaker and go home ready to apply what you have learned in your own projects.

Some good reactions from the participants and a very fun bunch to hang out with afterwards at the local pub, so would recommend giving it a try next time you are around Scotland.

If you are a speaker that has something interesting to tell around JBoss technologies, reach out to them, you won't regret it!

Here are a few impressions of the events.