Eric D. Schabell: Codemotion Rome 2017: Last try for Containers, JBoss BPM and Monkeys

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Codemotion Rome 2017: Last try for Containers, JBoss BPM and Monkeys

codemotion rome 2017I have spoken in the past at Codemotion Rome, and in Denmark,  so this year I have submitted a few talks in hopes of spending a few days with the good people that host these conferences.

From my new position at Red Hat I have a broader reach on the topics and technology that I can choose from to submit, so the sessions below you will find are pretty far apart on the technology spectrum.

Fingers crossed and maybe I will see you at Codemotion Rome on  24-25th of March 2017 for any of the following talks.

Painless containerization in your very own Private Cloud

As application developers we are coming to grips with new technology all the time. Containerizing what we do is becoming the standard as our applications are delivered into the Cloud. Let me show you a painless way to easily install a private Cloud in just minutes, one that leverages today's docker based container technologies from & wrapped in a developer friendly self-service OpenShift platform. 

Join me for an hour of power where you will walk away with the ability to leverage real hands-on example applications of painless containerization in your very own private OpenShift Cloud platform.

App Dev in the Cloud: Not my circus, not my monkeys...

codemotion rome 2017When faced with all the hype around Cloud, most application developers are not really all that excited. Maybe you get that feeling that it isn't your problem, just leave me to my applications. Let me show you why, as an application developer, you can't ignore your Cloud stack anymore. 

We will examine your Cloud stack anxieties and provide you with a solutions to ease you into your first private PaaS on your own local machine that you can install in just minutes. Finally you will be given a myriad of examples to take home with you to take control of this circus and own the monkeys!

Effective Business Process Management with JBoss BPM
codemotion rome 2017

When getting started with JBoss BPM you are often looking for a reference to help you on your journey, something that will make you an effective member of your project team that is developing process applications. 

I will present an overview of how to get started, where you can find the help you need and leave you a collection of example projects that you can install locally on your development machine or in the Cloud. 

Join us for an hour of power that will turn you into a productive BPM'er and send you home with early access to the publication of the same name.