Eric D. Schabell: Red Hat North America Partner Conference and Cloud Solutions

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Red Hat North America Partner Conference and Cloud Solutions

red hat north america partner conference
Over the years that I have worked at Red Hat, there have been many events to speak at.

Some of the most interesting have always been the partner conference, hosted around the world in all different regions. They tend to be a technically deeper, you get to hang out with direct users of the technology and gain invaluable networking / feedback from peers in the marketplace.

I have spoken at Red Hat Asian partner conferences and multiple European versions, but never at one of the Red Hat North America partner conferences. I hope to change this for the coming year and have submitted a few things that I think our partners might enjoy.

Discover the foundations for digital transformation
The core of digital transformation is the ability to provide technology solutions in a fast paced world to your customers while satisfying business aspirations. This session takes you on a journey to start laying the foundations of your digital transformation story based on use cases and examples that Red Hat Cloud Suite enables. Join us for this hour of power, where you are given the inspiration to start building your digital foundations. 

Blueprinting your Cloud
The road to your Cloud infrastructure might look bumpy, but with this session you will find out how easy Red Hat can be. We will provide you with the tools that help you to create a blueprint for your Cloud deployments.  This session will give attendees the foundational pieces that helps to shape their future, be that for exiting virtualized workloads or with an eye on delivering applications in a flexible private Cloud architecture that can scale with their business needs.

Roll your own AppDev Cloud Suite experience in just minutes

With Cloud based architectures comes great responsibility. Digital transformation brings new application delivery that is exciting and flexible, but how to get started?  This hands on session will let you experience the fun, excitement and wonder of mode 2 application delivery on your very own Cloud Suite AppDev experience.

Fingers are now crossed as I wait out the submission confirmation process. Hope to see you there!