Eric D. Schabell: Red Hat Summit 2017 - Cloud, Containers and AppDev Productivity Submissions

Monday, December 12, 2016

Red Hat Summit 2017 - Cloud, Containers and AppDev Productivity Submissions

red hat summit 2017
This years Red Hat Summit will be in Boston, MA from May 2-4, 2017. You don't want to miss this as it will not be in the Hynes Center, but down by the waterfront at the new Boston Conference Center.

You can register today online, but more importantly you can submit a session, panel, lighting talk or lab via the Call For Papers until 16th of December 2017.

Below you will find the various talks / labs I have submitted, some solo attempts, others working together with some of the great minds in the industry.

I look forward to seeing you there, be sure to stop by or find me on social media to grab some time to chat. I am always excited to meet fellow enthusiast who are excited about OpenSource technologies, Cloud technologies and of course anything related to Business Process Management.

There is a good chance I might have something exciting around my BPM book project to tell you about at Red Hat Summit, so stay tuned.

Blueprinting your Cloud

The road to your Cloud infrastructure might look bumpy, but with this session you will find out how easy Red Hat can be. We will provide you with the tools that help you to create a blueprint for your Cloud deployments.

This session will give attendees the foundational pieces that helps to shape their future, be that for exiting virtualized workloads or with an eye on delivering applications in a flexible private Cloud architecture that can scale with their business needs.

From planning to proof of concept to the reality of deployed Cloud infrastructure, this hour of power contains the tools to blueprint your Cloud deployments. The Cloud Deployment Planner and Quickstart Cloud Installer are presented as live demonstrations to under pin example Cloud deployment reference architectures and send the attendees home with the ability to create their own Cloud deployments.

If you build it, they will come ... if you show them how

With Cloud based architectures comes great responsibility. Digital transformation brings new application delivery that is exciting and flexible, but how to get started? This hands on lab will let you experience the fun, excitement and wonder of mode 2 application delivery on your very own hybrid-cloud infrastructure. At the end of this lab, attendees will have everything they need to take Cloud Suite AppDev experience home and continue to explore at their own pace on their local machines.

Discover the foundations of digital transformation

The core of digital transformation is the ability to provide technology solutions in a fast paced world to your customers while satisfying business aspirations. Many organizations are following the story line, fighting the good fight, but how can Red Hat and Open Source guide your journey? This session takes you on a journey to start laying the foundations of your digital transformation story based on use cases and examples that you can explore when you return home. Join us for this hour of power, where you are given the inspiration to start building your digital foundations.

3 Steps to Happiness with Cloud in a Box

The reality of starting your digital journey can be daunting to anyone involved with actual application delivery for an organization. The who, what and how are often left to the reader to figure out. No more... this session guides attendees on the path to their very own private Cloud in just three simple steps. But wait, there's more, we take you on a journey where you put a real life application into a container and deploy it on your Cloud. Join us for an hour of power as we deliver the recipe for happiness as you embark on your personal digital journey and start delivering on 'Stuff-as-a-Service' to your customers.

Fingers crosses that some of these submissions get accepted and I will see you on stage or in a lab next year at Red Hat Summit!

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