Eric D. Schabell: How to make the most of your Red Hat Summit

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How to make the most of your Red Hat Summit

how to make most of your red hat summit
There is so much going on this year at Red Hat Summit in Boston, MA, from 2-4 May.

I thought a bit of an overview would be nice to get some idea of where you can find me if you want to meet up for a chat.

The agenda has been posted, the labs are online, you can start planning your schedule to pack as much open technology by Red Hat in to your week as you can.

I'm chairing the lab track and we are ensuring that you have a selection of 45 lab topics to choose from, the most we have ever put together for a Red Hat Summit. If you are looking for a certain flavor or type of technology to track for your hands-on planning, here are some of the overviews I have published over the last weeks:
If you really can't wait, over the next few weeks you can enjoy the Taste-of-Summit sessions that are free previews of upcoming talks.

Let's see where I will be the week of Red Hat Summit.


This will be mostly a day to continue to setup our lab rooms, test various parts of the program and get everything ready. I will also be loading up some of the booth pods with demo content.

There will be some time for the Red Sox game in the evening, so through my contacts in that world I have two tickets. You will find me at the games most nights this week as I am a baseball fan.


how to make most of your red hat summitThis is the official start of Red Hat Summit, I will be having breakfast with various industry analysts to start the day.  I will split my time between the labs area and the booth area, where I have a mini-theater talk entitled What are your digital foundations? from 12:30 - 12:45 hrs. 

In the afternoon I will be at the DevZone where they are hosting lighting talks, mine is Anyone show you how to install OpenShift Container Platform in minutes? from 15:00-15:30 hrs.

Again in the evening there is a Red Sox game, so expect me to be at Fenway Park.


Again I am having breakfast with various industry analysts to start the day before giving my talk on Digital Foundations at 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM – Room 104C.

S101680 - Discover the foundations of digital transformation

The core of digital transformation is the ability to provide technology solutions in a fast-paced world to your customers while satisfying business aspirations. Many organizations are following the story line and fighting the good fight, but how can Red Hat and open source guide your journey? This session takes you on a journey to start laying the foundations of your digital transformation story based on use cases and examples that you can explore when you return home. Join us for this hour of power, where you'll get the inspiration to start building your digital foundations.

Later in the day you will find me at the booth or in the next Cloud Suite customer panel hosted by James Labocki at 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM – Room 156AB.

P105181 - Real-world perspectives: Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure

In this session, a panel of customers using Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure will discuss use cases and best practises for building and managing private cloud infrastructures.

This evening is sponsored by Red Hat and your conference pass gives you access to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, of course you will find me there.


This is the last day of Red Hat Summit and after the conference party so expect many will be slow to start their days. I will be around the labs and booth again, until a mini-theater talk entitled How to setup a container platform for modern application delivery in minutes from 12:30 - 12:45 hrs.

Following that talk I will be interviewed by as part of their Summit activities.

The evening will be the final Red Sox game at Fenway Part this week and I will be heading out there with some customers, partners and colleagues. 

If you missed me through the week or were not able to attend Red Hat Summit you can still catch up with me at the Boston Java User Group where I will be presenting a workshop about AppDev in the Cloud on May 10th. Stay tuned to their site, it will be posted once the location hosting details are worked out.

Hope to see you in Boston in May!

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