Eric D. Schabell: 3 ways to effectively prepare for process improvements in your digital journey

Thursday, June 22, 2017

3 ways to effectively prepare for process improvements in your digital journey

3 ways to effectively prepare
Effectively prepare for process improvements.
In our journey to transform our ways of working, our focus on our customers’ wishes, and our plans to pivot to a digital business, process improvement is a must.

While the transformation to a digital business can encompass many aspects that are new to your organization, there are always existing investments in technologies and processes that need to be evaluated. Some can be modernized and migrated onto the new infrastructure that will support your digital business. Others will remain in place as legacy systems of record.

One thing is for sure: Evaluating existing business processes and looking to improve their effectiveness is a necessary step. Here are 3 ways to effectively prepare for process improvements in your digital journey.

1. Effective BPM theory

The first step in any journey is to plan and gather as much information from the experts as you can. You have many options, but the following example previews the open technology and tooling that will ensure you are ready to tackle process improvements.

2. Inventory existing processes

Identifying the list of existing processes in a business, both automated and non-automated processes, is the next step on your journey.

You might have processes in place that are automated in some form, but showing signs of age or ineffective execution. Or you might have partial automation and exhibit a need for further automation at the time of evaluation. Some processes in your business might be crying out for automation, hindering other processes with their lack of automation.

Collect all this information for evaluation without regard for size, level of automation, or making decisions on priority for the next step.

3. Short list processes

Now that you’re able to browse all processes in your organization, you can identify the short list where quick wins on process improvements are critical to the project’s success.

Everyone wants to see gains. Generating momentum with processes that can be improved quickly and effectively builds confidence. Identify processes that have impact, are visible, and can be improved without greatly impacting the existing architecture or business process owner perceptions. This will be different for every organization, but crucial to building success and ensuring a smooth transition on your digital journey.

Armed with these 3 guidelines, you’re ready to prepare for process improvements in your digital journey. Are you up to the challenge of tackling process improvements in your organization and ready to get started?

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