Eric D. Schabell: AppDev in the Cloud self-paced, free, online workshop

Thursday, June 8, 2017

AppDev in the Cloud self-paced, free, online workshop

appdev in the cloud
AppDev in the Cloud free online workshop.
Are you ready to get hands on with containers, web services, Java, .Net, PHP, service integration, and all that in the Cloud on your very own laptop?

If you are, hold on to your hats, this is the workshop for you.

The description for this workshop provides you with the basics behind what you will be doing with your very own laptop:

Ready to get hands-on with AppDev in the Cloud with container based services? This workshop will let you experience the wonders of Red Hat's open technologies for Cloud based application development, letting you pull together multiple services in to a Cloud on your laptop (be sure to bring it with you).

In this workshop you're a developer working for Destinaisa, a travel agency that needs to setup its online bookings applications backend services. You'll be installing the OpenShift Container Platform on your laptop, then installing JBoss BRMS to work in the Destinasia discount rules. 

Once they are completed, you leverage Ansible playbook to see infrastructure automation in action. Each playbook will deploy a new container based service to support flight, hotel, car and discount rule queries from your application. In total you will be running 6 container based applications or services on your laptop in a private PaaS before testing this solution with a REST client, sending a booking and verifying the discounts provided by the rules you implemented.  

As you can see, this is a complex and realistic application development workshop that will pull together quite a few open technologies on your laptop.

Let's examine the parts that make up this workshop.

What's in a workshop

This workshop has a few parts that build up a complete application deployment with multiple services and integration to expose this to any application necessary.

appdev in the cloud
Installing OpenShift Container Platform in minutes.

OpenShift Container Platform install

The first part is to get the OpenShift Container Platform installed on your laptop. This should not take more than a few minutes.

In the workshop, before you install OpenShift Container Platform, there's a preview video showing how the installation works.

Discount travel rules install

Next up you install a full business rules tool set in JBoss Business Rules Management System with a project container the travel agency discount travel rules in a spreadsheet format. This installation generates a container with the components deployed so that you can log in, verify and test the business logic that delivers discount rules.
appdev in the cloud
Installing JBoss BRMS and discount travel rules project.

Note that the test supplied is broken, so in the workshop you are guided to solve this small 'bug.' The joys of real application development are integrated in to this workshop!

Ansible infrastructure automation

The next portion of this lab has you experiencing the use of Ansible to automate the installation of the various services forming a backend for the travel agency booking process. These include an integration service to tie together four services into a single query point and exposes that for any REST client.

appdev in the cloud
Ansible automation in workshop.

Testing the results

The final portion of this workshop has you leveraging a REST client in your browser to ensure that all services are integrated and working correctly. This simulates any application or service in an organization making use of the travel discount rules and booking features provided by this project.

With that you are the proud owner of a completed, six container application running on your own private OpenShift Container Platform Cloud!

appdev in the cloud
Testing final workshop results.

History behind workshop

For those wondering where this workshop came from and who helped make it a reality, I wanted to give some kudos to the large team of contributors. If I miss a name or two, my apologies in advance, but our thanks for the help, the idea or the motivation you gave to pull this together for all the world to enjoy.

First off, this project started as a piece of the technology that was originally showcased in a demo for the Latin American Red Hat Forums. It was a different demo, but the storyline was the baseline from which Red Hat APAC started to put together a live on stage demo for their sales teams.

appdev in the cloud
Finish the workshop and become a hero!
Following the demo on stage in Singapore, I was tasked, together with Woh Shon Phoon and Christina Lin to create something to expose the regional technical sales teams to the solution. This experience led to this workshop,  a repeatable experience for anyone with the interest to learn and basic computer skills.

Finally, there have been numerous anonymous workshop attendees from places like the Boston JUG that took the time to raise issues and make parts of this workshop even better.

Thanks to you all, we have a fantastic online workshop for everyone to enjoy.