Thursday, June 15, 2017

Digital Transformation with Hybrid Cloud Virtual Event (slides)

digital transformation
On June 29th Red Hat is hosting an online virtual event entitled, Digital Transformation with Hybrid Cloud Solutions. 

This event spans a day of online keynotes, sessions and demonstrations. You can register online to see this live, or post-event to view recordings of any of these items.

My session explains why the Red Hat Cloud Suite is the ultimate application development stack and below is the abstract followed by the slides for you to enjoy.

"As you can imagine, Red Hat Cloud Suite is a complete and all encompassing solution that offers a lot to an enterprise, but you might be left asking yourself, "How can I experience the Red Hat Cloud Suite as an application developer?"

This session will orientate your interests on application development with the Red Hat Cloud Suite stack, getting you started on the path to containerized application development and Cloud happiness."