Eric D. Schabell: Applying for Dutch citizenship today!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Applying for Dutch citizenship today!

Today I start on the path to obtaining a second passport (dual citizenship). I have done some research and consulted some immigration law specialists (thanks Tessa!) and it is now possible for me due to being married to a Dutch citizen.

I have always kind of seen this as not really being necessary but lately a few things have been nagging at me to get me to make the move:

* I will not lose my US citizenship
* My children have been born here (have both American and Dutch citizenship), so I would like to have the same rights as they do
* I can not vote here until I obtain Dutch citizenship
* Much easier to move about in the EU

I will keep posing to this item via the comments as I proceed down the road to citizenship. I am sure there will be enough interesting events in this process to post about. Wish me luck! :-)