Eric D. Schabell: Windy ride along the Maas

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Windy ride along the Maas

Took a nice ride along the Maas today with my buddy Marcel. We left home and went through Heusden with nothing but wind in our backs at strength 5. We knew this would be a problem once we crossed the river there and headed back into the wind, but man was that hard work!

I guess that is what they mean by biking the ‘Dutch Mountains’, meaning you bike on a flat surface but always have the strong winds in your face making it that much harder! Anyway, we motored up the river and past where we lived as Marcel needed to head off and visit with some friends. We parted ways and I headed back downstream (wind at my back, yeah!) for about 10km’s and finished up a 46km ride.

Next weekend I have a ride in the Veluwe in the planning! ;-)