Eric D. Schabell: Ubuntu upgrade Dapper to Feisty x86_64 (with screenshots)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ubuntu upgrade Dapper to Feisty x86_64 (with screenshots)

Today I wanted to update my x86_64 box to the newest available Ubuntu version, 7.01 or better know as Feisty! I thought it mighe be nice to include the steps and some screenshots of the process:

First step was to run the update-manager:
# looking for the latest version.
$ sudo update-manager -c

This gives you the gui update manager and shows that the new version has been found:

By selecting the upgrade button you will get the release notes popup:

When you are done reading this you will next see the downloading of the upgrade tool:

The upgrade tool will start by telling you that it is preping the upgrade:

I encountered an error here as I have some external third party repo's in my /etc/apt/sources.list file:

To fix that, just comment them out of the file and restart your update-manager, it proceeds through the above steps again and gets on with it here again by stating that some other repo's have been commented out (why not the above ones too?):

Next, the channels are updated:

Then you are given the chance to view the details of the update (click on the 'details' to see them) before you proceed:

The downloads start:

And the install of packages proceeds, you can view the process by clicking on the terminal for a drop down view:

A few pop-ups are shown if a configuration question answer is needed or if a config file differs from one already installed, just answer as fits your installation:

I hit another error on the python-ldap package which led to the update-manager failing out of the update:

I then used dpkg to fix the problem as follows:
# remove the python-ldap package.
$sudo dpkg -r python-ldap

# rescue the crashed upgrade.
$ sudo dpkg --configure -a

# finally ensure that I got all the updates with one of the following
# commands.
$ sudo aptitude dist-upgrade
$ apt-get dist-upgrade
Reboot and enjoy your new x84_64 Ubuntu Feisty machine! ;-)