Eric D. Schabell: I got the Daddy Prize again today!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I got the Daddy Prize again today!

Today I drove my daughter and son to Oma’s as she was to babysit for us today. Once we got there I was busy unloading first my daughter, then my son in his Maxi-Cozy, then the bags of stuff needed for a day at Oma’s, the buggy, and finally moving the child seat for my daughter over to Oma’s car for the trip home this evening.

While wrestling the child’s seat into the Ford K (no easy feat to get this thing into the back seat with me being 191cm) I hear my daughter calling my name. I finish installing the seat and head inside to say goodbye before driving on to work. My daughter is standing there holding something up for me to take. She had run inside and gotten her new gift from Easter, a small basket with four little fuzzy baby chicks in it and was holding it out to me… my heart jumps, I am getting the Daddy Prize again.

I solemnly take it from her as she says I need to take this to work with me, “It’s for you Daddy.” I promise to return it to her that evening and she nods her head real serious like. I give her a kiss goodbye and she runs off to the front of the house to wave goodbye out the window with a big smile on her face.

The chicks are here on my desk next to me and I am smiling. :-)