Eric D. Schabell: Windy ride yesterday!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Windy ride yesterday!

As we were to visit some friends in a new housing development here in Den Bosch, I decided to cycle over there and then continue onwards from there after the visit.

It was very windy and gusting pretty bad, I had to fight the whole way there over 12 km’s with speeds not getting very much past 30 km/hr at most. But when I left our friends house I had the wind at my back and was chasing behind our car (wife driving home) at 50 km/hr over a distance a bit longer than 1 km! Was a rush to be cruising at such speeds, as these are not normal for me unless I am going downhill. ;-)

Ended up riding around Den Bosch and enjoying the sunny day, total ride was 36 km’s.

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