Eric D. Schabell: JBoss BRMS Cool Store demo part I - installation (video)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

JBoss BRMS Cool Store demo part I - installation (video)

Following up on the initial announcement of the JBoss Business Rules Management System (BRMS) Cool Store Demo I wanted to provide a three part series of videos that outline how to work with the project and its basic features.

These videos should give you a quick overview of the online shopping cart web application and its JBoss BRMS feature usage. You can quickly spin up a demo or use the project as a start to your own Proof-of-Concept.

Part I - Installation
In this video we take you on a tour to install the project in minutes on your local machine, which gives you a quickstart into the world of JBoss BRMS, BPM, Rules and CEP.

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