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Monday, May 6, 2013

Writing daily for the Red Sox Life fan blog

It has been a bit of a hobby for me to try and find more ways to write.

I have been publishing lots of technical content over the years, on blogs, in papers, and even a book or two along the way. This is stuff I know, but to challenge myself I have tried to go outside of the normal content and write something non-technical.

Research on the subject led me to the advice everyone seems to be giving on writing, "If you want to be a writer, you have to write every single day..."

With my schedule and lifestyle I am not always able to do that on non-technical topics, so I tried to put a deadline out to produce a short story every month or two this year. That has even proven to be too much of a challenge with my time constraints.

Then along came this invitation on Red Sox Life, a Boston Red Sox baseball fan blog that I have been a follower of for several years. I could not resist, this would be a perfect combination of baseball and writing with a daily deadline. I submitted an example, suggested a weekly segment piece and guess what? I was one of eight new writers to get selected.

You can follow my journey as I try to write a bit different angles to the Boston Red Sox daily scene. I want to be me, make it fun, and above all challenge myself to write daily on one of my favorite subjects.

So with a motto of 'writers write', I hope to see you at the ballpark every day!

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