Eric D. Schabell: JUDCon United States - talk accepted on becoming a JBoss Rock Star

Thursday, May 16, 2013

JUDCon United States - talk accepted on becoming a JBoss Rock Star

This year in Boston, June 9-11 we will be gathering for the JBoss User and Developer Conference (JUDCon) where I will be talking about how you too can be a JBoss Rock Star on Tuesday, 11 June at 1230 hrs in Track 2.

This will be a unique chance for you to get to meet all the world class developers, project members, and rock stars in a single venue. There will be beers, food, a meet & greet reception, live podcast recording, and plenty of laughs. You really do not want to miss this event.

Do you want to be a JBoss Rock Star?

So you have seen the perfect JBoss project for your current development problem. Now what?

You have seen amazing demos done by the core developers of these projects, but you want to create your own awesome demo to convince your friends, team and boss that this is exactly what they need. We can help you to become a local JBoss Rock Star with this session. We will provide you with the tools to setup repeatable demos and provide you with guidelines to allow you to consistently amaze and dazzle. This session will walk through three example integration demonstrations that span multiple JBoss components and are setup from scratch in minutes.

You won't want to miss this session as it is the first step towards a future as a JBoss Rock Star!