Eric D. Schabell: Singapore JBUG gets a JBoss BRMS Primer

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Singapore JBUG gets a JBoss BRMS Primer

I was invited to speak last night at the JBoss User Group (JBUG) in Singapore. It was to be a session that was both informative and interactive with hands on demo projects based on my Customer Evaluation and Rewards demo projects.

The crowd was a mix of students, enterprise developers, and even a few customers. I covered the basics around JBoss BRMS, explaining both Rules and BPM aspects. After this we did a hands on installation, both on Unix and Windows based machines, of the Customer Evaluation demo project. The goal being that attendees would head home with two demos on their personal

After this the attendees went to work installing the Rewards demo project and were challenged by being able to win one of three free copies of my e-book (OpenShift Primer) by being the fastest to get the demo running. They were gone in less than 5 minutes, so consider the mission accomplished.

Of course there were give aways of t-shirts, rubber balls, and stickers for the laptops. The organization put on a nice Asian buffet and the beer was free flowing during the coding. ;-)

I enjoyed meeting all the new faces and interacting with a few of our JBoss BRMS customers that showed up to chat with me during and after my session.

Thanks guys for the great evening!