Monday, April 8, 2013

JBoss Developer Studio 6 - how to setup SOA Tools (BRMS example)

Step 2: SOA Tools Update Site 
I have been getting questions about getting started with JBoss Developers Studio (JBDS) version 6 and the latest greatest Business Rules Management System (BRMS) tooling. For posterity, here is how I do it:
  1. Get the latest JBDS 6 from your local Customer Support Portal (CSP) or get your evaluation copy.
  2. You are missing the BRMS tooling, so add the JBoss SOA Tools update site via "Help -> Install New Software..."
  3. Step 3: JBoss BRMS tooling
  4. Select "BRMS Tooling"
After install you are ready to rock with all the new tooling supporting Rules, Events and Processes (jBPM).