Eric D. Schabell: First cycling trip of the year

Sunday, February 10, 2008

First cycling trip of the year

The best part of this weekend was that it was sunny enough to take a ride! We have had three days of nothing but spring weather, around 10-12 degrees and plenty of sunshine so I arranged to cycle from home to Uden and back. Took it easy but after riding so much on the heavy street bike in January (see totals below) I was able to easily hold 30 km/hr averages on the open road.

The trip back was a bit tougher, had the wind in my face and the sun was very low making it hard to even see the road ahead. Pretty tired for the rest of the day, but was great to try out my new gear. I have a new helmet, clothing set from SNS REEAL, new pedal/clip set from Shimano, and new shoes.

Total for the ride was 74 km, a good start for 2008!

PS. Total for the month of January was 260 km, all on my normal bike from home to work. I have about 20 km round trip each day I go so that adds up pretty quickly.

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