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Friday, February 15, 2008

Signed the papers

Today we officially own a new house.

At 1100 hrs we had an inspection walk through, found only minor problem (cracked tiles when they fixed a broken tile floor), but nothing to stop the purchase from going through today. We went to the notary for our 1200 hrs appointment and spent the better part of an hour listening to the contracts being read out loud. Finally, signing both the transfer of ownership and morgage papers we left with the keys to our new house!

We went home and had a celebration lunch and called the power company to make sure that they kept the electricity on for us. After that we loaded up the starter stuff, like tools and cleaning gear. But first things first, the Austin Mini has now been taken off the street and put in its own comfy garage!

I made a run to the home improvement store to pick up some cheap lighting fixtures, new bulbs, and a big strong work lamp (which I can use later for the Mini) for painting at night. I also had to pull up the carpet in the room which is to be split in two by a new wall for the kids. Peter, our carpenter came by and took measurements so that he can place the wall and cut a new door tomorrow. The carpet guy dropped in and took final measurements. I also slowly started turning up the heat so that it will be nicer for painting starting tomorrow.

The only think I found broken was the upstairs toilet. It was turned off (not filling the tank with water) so I turned it on. The pipe under neath started to spray water around the bathroom, so turned it off an applied some pipe tape to the fitting which solved this problem. I am planning to apply kit sealant to the edges of the tile floors in the bathrooms to make the floors look a bit nicer.

A quick inventory of the painting showed that we will most likely not have to paint any ceilings upstairs at all, they are very nice as is. The walls will have to be done in all the rooms on the first floor and I would like to do the bathroom upstairs as well. The top floor will be left until later, it is of no importance now. The living room, entry hall, and kitchen will get the ceilings painted and walls too.

After dinner we took our little girl through for a tour, showed her what her room will be. She wanted to look through the entire house, every room, every cupboard, every door. Very cute, as she stated that she really likes our new house but that her 'princess room' needs some work yet. Nothing is pink in there! ;-)

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