Eric D. Schabell: PRIMA project is drawing interest

Thursday, February 14, 2008

PRIMA project is drawing interest

The internship project I am mentoring here at my work has started to take off. The PRoject Information Monitoring Application (PRIMA) has finished it's first Scrum sprint iteration and they are doing pretty well.

As you can see here in the picture, the two guys behind our interns are taking in the project (imagine the "Oooh, Aaaah's") while enjoying some snacks.

Since the Kickoff they have been working hard and you can follow their progress almost daily at the PRIMA blog. Feel free to comment their posts as they search for their solutions.

A small screenshot from one proof of concepts shows that in a short time they have been able to understand the existing software architecture, employ various tooling, and generate their first output screens. This is promising progress!