Friday, February 22, 2008

New house week one

After a weeks work on the new house we are almost there. As I posted yesterday, we shopped for the flooring for our bedroom and some other things.

Getting ready for that job required pulling up the remaining old carpeting on the stairs, the hallway, and in our bedroom. I also put together a new table and chair set we bought, moved some boxes from the old house along with a bookcase. I also painted the hallway and cleaned up the remaining three rooms so that I can complete the painting tomorrow.

We will now have to focus on the old house, taking apart the various things that need to be ready for the moving truck and packing up the rest into boxes.


  1. I get tired just reading about all you are doing! Are you working a regular day and then coming home to do all this?

  2. I am tired from doing it! ;-)

    I am not working full-time during these two weeks, I would not have enough time to get this all done if I did.