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Monday, February 18, 2008

Paint, paint, and more paint

Yesterday and today were all about painting the living areas downstairs. Yesterday I spent the morning covering up the tile floor in the kitchen and taping off things that needed to stay clean before painting over 70 square meters of ceilings. After this I started to paint some of the walls to see if the color was right that we had chosen. Of course it was not, so wasted about 2 hours on that. :-P

In the evening I cleaned up the mess left over from the days destruction work which was quite the mess as you can see.

On top of all of that, I moved over about 16 boxes of books which were heavy as hell. From the top floor of our old house to the top floor of the new house and dump them out on the floor. I over did it a bit and have a bit of trouble with my back (muscles hurt).

The back pain kept me slowed down today, so I spent it just painting the walls in the kitchen and living room. The kitchen is completed, my first victory! I covered about half of the living room after we got the right paint this time...

Tomorrow I hope to finish up painting the downstairs, then it is up to the first floor to work on our rooms. We will also be picking out wallpaper for the kids rooms and paint. This will be left up the the Schabell ladies to sort out.

It was -6 degrees celsius last night and the the Mini was in the warm garage... gotta love that! :-)

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