Eric D. Schabell: Painting moving along nicely

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Painting moving along nicely

The last three days have seen a finishing of the downstairs painting. The living room, the addition in the back, and the hallway have been painted. The hall leading up the stairs is almost finished and the kids rooms have been wallpapered on the new dividing wall. My wife gets all the credit for the wallpaper, I have no patience for that stuff!

As you can see, my little girl gets the pink flowers. She is very young yet but has a very clear sense of what colors she wants, "Daddy, it has to be pink!" I love her for that.

My son is too young to have a real preference so he gets the green wall which goes along with the baby furniture he has. Later we can always change this should he want something more boyish in there.

I have also changed all but one of the faucets in the house. They were all original fittings so where way over due for a change. In the kitchen I discovered that the plumber had fitted the faucet and then soldered the pipes for warm/cold water in, making it impossible to remove it. I had to break off the pipes first, what a bozo. Also the warm water fitting was from a 12mm pipe to a 10mm hose fitting the faucet. I needed a standard 12mm to 12mm connection. Now the fun part, the cold water fitting was from a pipe of 15mm to a 10mm hose fitting the faucet. Nice... by the time I got that all worked out I had taken three trips to the local hardware store and was a bit wet from the water spraying about. You can get me all wet, but I won't give up! ;-)

A trip to the IKEA store today got us sorted out for the flooring for one of the bedrooms. I also spent some time cleaning up the downstairs and threw out all the paper I had put on the floor to protect the wood. After the kitchen gets cleaned up we can use the downstairs living space, color that done!

Plan for the coming days is to work days at the new house to finish painting the upstairs hall, the kids rooms, our room, lay down the new floor in our room, and pull out all the old carpeting. I want to start spending the evenings packing up stuff at our old house and taking apart things like book shelves, beds, closets, etc. Enough to do, but we feel like we are on schedule.

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