Eric D. Schabell: Mass destruction in one day

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mass destruction in one day

Today we bashed out a wall to make way for a new door and put up a new wall to split a room into two. This was the preparations for the kids rooms (will try to publish some pictures soon). That went pretty good except that there is now a fine layer of white powder all over the first floor. I stuffed towels under the other rooms doors to try and keep it down to a minimum, but when we opened the windows to ventilate it looked like the house was on fire from the outside! There is now a big pile of debris in the backyard, ready to move off to the dump.

My daughter comes along daily to help a bit, here she is busy cleaning the kitchen. She acts as the inspection service, checking each room about every 10 minutes. Sort of a walk-through, making sure things are progressing and pointing out the problems, " room needs more pink Daddy...". ;-)

I spent the entire day filling holes in the walls, covering the wooden floor with cardboard, and taping off the things we do not need painted. I also removed the curtain rails so that I can paint the ceilings there too. Tomorrow I start painting the ground floor.

In the evening I filled our car with boxes of stuff we already had packed previously and dumped them in the attic. This is a process I will repeat over the next weeks up to the actual move. It will save time and hassle I hope.

Did I mention that the Mini is in the garage? I love seeing it in there, happy as a clam. It can be heated too! ;-)