Eric D. Schabell: Geek t-shirt day!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Geek t-shirt day!

Here are the results of the first annual Geek t-shirt day within our development team.

The turnout of developers with a Geek t-shirt was about 50% of the total population working that day. We have one MySql joke, three Java t-shirts, one self-made creation (the crazy guy on the floor), a lost boy scout (actually, he is our boss), some rival bank joke shirt that no one got (the green one), and believe it or not we had two foreign shirts from Indonesia/India.

All in all it was rather funny to see who is able to Geek it up a bit. I forgot that I had a few important meetings today and was a bit embarrassing to show up for some meetings outside our department where the rest of the heavy hitters were dressed in a more appropriate banking attire. ;-)